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#PledgeRed Campaign

Pledge Red is a nationwide campaign that aims to raise awareness about period poverty, tackle the stigma around menstruation and ultimately end period poverty in schools in South Africa. 
By joining the Pledge Red campaign, schools will accept the 6 pledges below:
1. Tackle period stigma by speaking openly about periods and raising awareness in our communities so that no one feels embarrassed or ashamed about periods.
2. Educate ourselves and others on period poverty, periods and menstrual health.
3. Start conversations about periods in order to normalise the rhetoric around them.
4. Hold our leaders accountable and ensure they play their role in ending period poverty.
5. Speak out when family, peers or members of our community make negative comments about periods.
6. Involve men and boys in the conversations around periods and efforts to create an enabling environment for people who menstruate.
Once a school has ‘pledged red’, they receive a certificate outlining the 6 pledges that will be signed by the principal. They will then form part of a network that includes resource sharing initiatives, period + menstrual health workshops and product drives.

Schools that have Pledged Red

1. Athlone High School
2. Bishops Diocesen College 
3. Springfield Convent High School
4. V.N. Naik School For The Deaf
5. Groote Schuur High School
6. Liberty Community High School
7. Salt River High School
8. Cissie Gool Home
9. Belverton Secondary School
10. Stranger Manor Secondary School
11. North Coast Primary School
12. Kalkesteenfontein Primary 
13. Disa Primary in Bonteheuwal